Needle Pebbles

Needle Pebbles


John James' Pebbles are designed to store the finest quality hand sewing needles safely. Needles are both visible and easily accessible in the flip-top pebble, where-ever you keep them. 

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Available in a range of general purpose and specialist sets:



Knitters (Heavenly Jade)

3 large needles



Household assorted (Vivacious Pink)

12 hand sewing needles



Sharps (Peppermint Green)

16 sharp sewing needles, sizes 3 to 9



Darners (Primrose Yellow)

12 darners, sizes 3 to 9



Chenille (Misty Grey)

6 sharp needles with large threading eyes, sizes 18 to 22



Embroidery (Dusky Pink)

16 sharp embroidery needles, sizes 5 to 10