Project bag - Style 3

Project bag - Style 3


Locally handmade from upcycled silk ties, with a contrasting cotton backing, each project bag is made up of individual, quilted squares.

All hand-sewn, and no two the same.⠀

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The bags are made from 9cm/3½ inch squares. Each square is hand-sewn from an upcycled silk tie, is quilted, and finished with a contrasting, 100% cotton backing.

Each bag is unique!

This style of bag is made up of 17 squares and measures (excluding the handles) approximately 19cm high, 35cm long and 13cm deep.

These are the bags currently available in this style:

Bag 1 - Teal/Navy/Gold

Bag 2 - Purple/Green

Bag 3 - Maroon/Blue/Gold

Bag 4 - Blue

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