In my previous life as an actuary in pensions consultancy, I spent many a happy hour wrestling with spreadsheets and wielding my red pen over technical reports and newsletters; hunting down rogue hyphens (“should be a dash”) and deviations from the style guide as well as errors in the numbers; and trying to steer the language away from jargon and into plain English.

But playing with yarn is so much more enjoyable, so I decided to swap pensions for knitting and crocheting, and I’m now applying those same skills to a different (more fun) subject!


The services I offer to designers...

  • Full tech editing of knitting and crochet patterns.

As part of the tech edit, I will check that:
- All the maths is correct.
- All the written and charted instructions are correct, clear, and match your photographs/schematic.
- There are no errors in your spelling, punctuation or grammar.
- The style used in the pattern is consistent (and follows your style guide if you have one).
- All the necessary elements are included.
I will also carry out a final proofread of your pattern before you publish (at no extra charge).

  • Grading patterns for multiple sizes.
  • Producing written instructions from charts, or charts from written instructions, or even charts from your "squared paper sketches" (StitchMastery, StitchFiddle, Illustrator).
  • Producing schematics (Illustrator).
  • Creating, or helping you develop, a style guide.
  • Producing pattern templates for you to use to create great-looking published patterns and/or doing the layout on individual patterns for you (InDesign, Word, Publisher, Pages).


How much it costs…

I charge the same hourly rate for all the above services: £25 an hour, billed in completed 15-minute blocks.

As a rough guide, I expect a full tech edit of a fairly well-written pattern to take around:

  • basic one-size accessories – 1 hour
  • more complex/multi-size accessories – 1.5-2 hours
  • multi-size adult garments – 3+ hours

These times are only a guide, and will vary from designer to designer, and even from pattern to pattern.
There are some things that can add to the time taken:
- not having a style guide, or at least a good idea of what you want your style to be.
- charts as well as written instructions that need to be checked.
- the stage at which I get the pattern - it’s likely to take longer to check if I get it in say an early draft stage rather than in its “final” format and after it’s been test knit/crocheted.

I will always give you an estimate of how long I expect a pattern to take before I start work, and would let you know if it’s looking like it’ll take longer than expected.

The first time I work with a designer can take a little longer as we get used to working together, so I will cap the time charged for the first pattern. This doesn’t mean I’ll do a less thorough job, just that you won’t have to worry about the bill being too high!

I like to print off the pattern and do one “final” proofread before you press the publish button or go to print. There’s no charge for this, and I’ll do it asap!

The other services are more difficult to give guidelines on time but, as with a full tech edit, I will always give you an estimate beforehand.


Patterns I've worked on...

You can see a few of the patterns I've worked on in my Ravelry favourites here.


Where you can find me…

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Ravelry: DebBramham

Twitter: @findmeknitting


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